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Changing Undesirable Habits

What the Students Say...

V. David T Inessa is one of the most positive people you will ever come across in your lifetime... [ more ]
Vincent Inessa Zaleski's training classes... display her true professionalism... [ more ]
Carla My gosh, where do I even begin? Words don't exist that adequately describe the benefits I have received... [ more ]
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Learn how to change the attitudes that lie deep in your subconscious and drive your daily behavior! Once you choose to create more positive and healthy associations within, you can easily and effortlessly bring about any change you desire and come out a winner! Dr. Inessa and her staff use methods that are completely safe and effective, and that promote rapid personal growth.

Reaching into the mega depth opens portals into the innermost parts of the subconscious mind, thus facilitating quick and permanent positive life-changing improvements in attitude. These new associations continually influence your conscious mind to incorporate the changes you seek.

Do you need to lose some weight?
Lose all the extra weight in a healthy, safe and natural way.

Want to permanently Quit Smoking?
Free yourself from the smoking habit Now and be free from all cravings too!

Do you bite your nails?
You can gain the tools now to stop biting them immediately and for good! Check out this great MP3 to help you get started!

Want to learn to control your stress?
We are experts in helping to release stress, attract peace, and anchor calmness into your every day.

Some of the tools we use are: NLP (Nero-linguistic Programming), TFT (Thought Field Therapy), Chakra Balancing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Mega-level hypnosis, Hyperempiria, eastern philosophies such as Tai Chi, Vipassana and Reiki.

Dr. Inessa also developed a transformational and healing technique of her own: Reikinosis®.



I started with rather minimal expectations. This was fortunate, for had I really anticipated half the changes (wonderful changes though they may be) that the next few weeks would bring, I never would have started. Hypnosis is a tool, and - like any tool - only as useful as the artisan wielding it. The suggestions woven into each session were not generic (one size fits all) but were tailored to fit my personality and sensibilities. As such, they were very powerful. Unhealthy eating habits that had survived decades of good intentions and firm resolutions began to change. Daily I find myself rejuvenated and energized as Inessa helps me to rediscover my birthright of wholeness and well-being. . . . . . . . M.K., New Jersey, USA

I definitely have changed my eating habits. I sit down, enjoy what I eat, eat smaller portions and I do not take seconds. Most important in my case, I have given myself permission to read without eating at the same time. Finally, I am walking at least 30-45 minutes/day because I now have audio books that I listen to while I walk thus walking is pleasurable and not exercise. . . . . . . B.K., New Jersey, USA



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