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What the Students Say...

V. David T Inessa is one of the most positive people you will ever come across in your lifetime... [ more ]
Vincent Inessa Zaleski's training classes... display her true professionalism... [ more ]
Carla My gosh, where do I even begin? Words don't exist that adequately describe the benefits I have received... [ more ]
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Imagine soft music and Dr. Inessa's soothing voice guiding you to take a deep breath and relax. She is guiding your body to get in touch with the ultimate healing power that is within you... You are transformed into a world of peace and tranquility. She teaches you how to recreate this state and take control over your mind and body.

How would it feel to KNOW that you CAN and ARE taking charge of your life? That you finally are able to do what you sometimes may have doubted you can achieve: Your Strong and Healthy Body!

When we work together, we will address all of your concerns and will help you reach your full potential. We may use tools such as Chakra Balancing, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Reikinosis®, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and more.

The chakras are energy transducers in the aura. When properly balanced, they serve to integrate physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual facets of the human into a coherent whole. Dr. Inessa and her staff utilize Reikinosis®: the gateway for the ultimate integration of mind, body and spirit. Reikinosis® provides relief from many ailments through improving the internal flow of energy, such as arthritis and other conditions of stiffness, maladjustment or pain. Some students reported that as a result of Reikinosis® treatment their bones healed and cancer disappeared; although similar results can't be promised, Dr. Inessa and her staff can show you what you can do to help yourself!

The depth of your experience can be profound as we have the knowledge and the expertise to gain access into your deepest layers of conscious, subconscious and super-conscious mind and guide you to swiftly realize your goals!

Did you ever hear the saying "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts"? Dr. Inessa's whole-istic approach -- taking into consideration your physical body, lifestyle/nutrition, and emotional/mental state -- will maximize your physical prowess and mental focus, and focus these together to shape the OPTIMAL YOU!


In three sessions I went from feeling angry, sad and powerless to feeling peaceful, in-control, calm and relaxed. Inessa offers a powerful product that enables me to have the rich rewarding life that I deserve (in a hurry!). . . . . . Veronica Davis, New Jersey, USA


Thank U Inessa! U are too kind. While I got U for a second, I would like to let U know that your approach to strengthening the body's chakras, I feel, is very powerful and full of limitless possibilities. For those patients who continue to have reoccurring weaknesses or dis-eases due to their inability to let go of destructive emotional patterns, or their inability to connect with God, I've been recommending your cd's. I use every tool available to heal, and I firmly believe that doctors can only get their patients as healthy as they are. Since I've been listening to your cd's before I go to sleep each night, my energy AND my healing abilities have hit unthinkable highs. Healing, as I'm sure U'll agree, I've learned is mostly our "intent". My intentions are so pure now, it's wonderful. Thank U. . . . . . . Dr. Jeff, Indiana, USA


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