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Overcoming Fears Naturally

What the Students Say...

V. David T Inessa is one of the most positive people you will ever come across in your lifetime... [ more ]
Vincent Inessa Zaleski's training classes... display her true professionalism... [ more ]
Carla My gosh, where do I even begin? Words don't exist that adequately describe the benefits I have received... [ more ]
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The healing of advanced pains and emotional traumas can be accelerated with Reikinosis®.
Dr Inessa's techniques have had many benefits for a variety of people: on a personal level, it will awaken the wisdom of the unconscious, freeing resources that have been hidden or trapped, interrupting old negative associations, and creating the space to learn new more supportive connections.

By utilizing a natural process that we all experience every day, you use the power of your mind to permanently replace negative associations in your subconscious with positive ones.

When we work together, we will address all of your concerns and will help you reach your full potential. We may use tools such as Reikinosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Chakra Balancing, Parts Therapy, and more.


Diminish and Leave Behind all of those unwanted anxieties!!! Become Free and Tranquil NOW!


My marriage got better, my relationship with my children is wonderful and I am much better emotionally. I gained confidence in myself and learned to believe in myself. My self-esteem is elevated, and I am a happier person.. . . . . . . L.S., New Jersey, USA

I have a great sense of peace and wellness, and most of all happiness. I'm happy that I was able to forgive those who hurt me and to let go of my pain.. . . . . . . K.T., New Jersey, USA


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