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Self Healing CD

Self Healing CD
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Our body can heal itself if we only let it. Our tissues are rebuilding every minute of every day. You are not the same person that you were when you started reading this. Many scientific studies show the power of imagination to affect our body's response, for example: the use of placebo pills to remove growths, unusually rapid recoveries from surgery, the ability to control blood flow after an accident, living through "terminal" illnesses, etc. Here you are guided to deeply get in touch with your body and help it do what it does best - build anew and leave old, limiting programming behind.

Recordings are available as a Session and as Affirmations.

A Session may be the most familiar to you as hypnosis recordings. They consist of progressive relaxation and constructive positive left- and right-brain suggestions, followed by guidance back to conscious awareness.

Affirmations include "Subliminal" and "Audible" Styles that can help you achieve your desired results quicker than the Session alone. They can be used while sleeping or doing other tasks without the need for dedicated time. These styles use repetition to convince the subconscious mind to accept the suggestions.

Subliminal Style - Suggestions that are inaudible (or barely audible) at the conscious level are concealed by music. Here the suggestions are bypassing the conscious mind and go directly to the subconscious to help it accept the beneficial suggestions quicker. The acceptance of the suggestions is transparent. For best results, play this recording in the background when you work and at times when your concentration is needed elsewhere. Note: these recordings should not be used on people without their awareness and consent.

Audible Style - Audible suggestions are mixed with background music. The suggestions are perceived at both the conscious and unconscious levels. For best results, let this recording play in the background as you go throughout your day (driving a car, watching TV, washing dishes, during recreation, etc. and - of course - during sleep). This recording can also be used as affirmations that you can repeat to yourself.

Particularly effective results can be obtained when all the styles are used together. 

Instructions for the optimal use of the recordings.

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