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What the Students Say...

V. David T Inessa is one of the most positive people you will ever come across in your lifetime... [ more ]
Vincent Inessa Zaleski's training classes... display her true professionalism... [ more ]
Carla My gosh, where do I even begin? Words don't exist that adequately describe the benefits I have received... [ more ]
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  Become an Amazing Tango Dancer

Dr. Inessa's highly effective, proven techniques to help create the optimal conditions to perfect your tango!!!


2 Workshops:

  Honing the Mental Edge of Your Dance

Powerful mental conditioning to keep on upgrading your dancing,
easily quickly and naturally.


In this workshop, we will cover:

* Improving your Balance and Alignment.

* Dancing more Smoothly.

* Separate Instructions for leader and follower.

* Absorbing and Integrating what you Learn at your Dance class, much Faster.

* Enjoying More.



AND Also Offering...

  Honing the Mental Edge ~ Connect Deeper

Building on the previous workshop, we will delve much deeper into what we have started before and...


In this workshop, we will address:

* Connecting Deeper with your partner and Dancing as One.

* Easy Recall.

* Smoother Dancing.

* Grace and more.


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Led by Inessa Zaleski, DD, CMCH, RM, Creator of Reikinosis®. Researcher and Educator on the Power of Mind, Body and Spirit. An international coach, hypnotherapist and a hypnotherapy instructor with over 20 years of experience.

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Personalised one-on-one Skype session are availible from the privacy of your home.