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Creating a Psychomanteum Experience

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Set aside a place that will be your psychomanteum chamber. It can be in your basement, attic, a separate room or a separate building or even a closet. Think of it as a special place for mediation and introspection. Preferably, there will be no windows or at least hang light blocking curtains to remove all outside light. Light a candle or have a very dim light behind you. Sit in front of the mirror, making sure it tilted up slightly, so that you don’t see your own image. Get comfortable and quiet your mind.


If you want to contact a loved one in spirit, it is important to have close to you special photos and a few personal objects of the deceased, items which were used often by the person are especially helpful. Surround yourself with these items and allow your mind to relax. There is nothing you need to do. Just let go and allow yourself to experience whatever comes up. Be patient with yourself and allow plenty of time. You may need to repeat the experience several times.


If you are interested in self-introspection and getting answers to your pressing questions, have your questions written down in your lap - as you relax your mind, ask for the information to come. As you start exploring this way of receiving knowledge, be patient and allow plenty of time.


How to use the crystal orb:

Place the orb on a black or dark cloth and look into the depth for a few minutes, make sure you keep your eyes open. You may need to practice several times before you start seeing the clouds forming and images appearing.


If need more encouragement to develop the “vision”:

Look intently at something in the room that you are in, then close your eyes and visualize it, and only after you succeeded to see it in your mind, then look at the orb or the mirror, and allow yourself to “see” it there. Be patient, you may need to repeat this exercise several times.


After you are successful, you may want to develop it further by closing your eyes, relaxing them and visualizing some simple object that you’ve seen recently, then again looking into the crystal to “see” it there. After you feel comfortable with these visions, increase the complexity of the images by visualizing a combination of objects and then a scene with one person and then two or possibly a moving scene. It’s important to remember to be patient and loving with yourself as you are learning to develop this fun and exciting ability.


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