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V. David T Inessa is one of the most positive people you will ever come across in your lifetime... [ more ]
Vincent Inessa Zaleski's training classes... display her true professionalism... [ more ]
Carla My gosh, where do I even begin? Words don't exist that adequately describe the benefits I have received... [ more ]
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Comments From Clients


I absolutely loved Inessa's "Introduction to Deep Hypnosis". It really helped me learn how to go into hypnosis and focus on suggestions. The production is good and Inessa's voice is completly soothing and relaxing. I have had trouble in the past letting go and trusting a hypnotist although I felt that if I could ever learn to do this that hypnosis could be a great way to overcome problems and work on very positive solutions. With Inessa's help I now feel like I can utilize this wonderful technique for change and growth and I look forward to both her pre-recorded CD's and custom CD's as well. I have had a chance to speak with her on the phone and I can tell you that she is one of the most kind and understanding people I have ever met. Never judgemental and always accomodating she really listens to her clients and comes up with exactly the right course of action. Needless to say I was very impressed and I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to make positive changes in their life. If anyone would like to contact me by e-mail I would be happy to go into greater detail on the many benefits one could derive from Inessa's hypnosis.

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to your last email. I am very busy, but guess what? I am Not Stressed!!! Your subliminal tapes are working great. I am the President of an Engineering Product Development and R & D company working for both commercial and government entities. I am a Type A personality and balancing my career pressures, my family responsibilities and still trying to find a little bit of time for myself is not easy.

I have your subliminal tapes on while I am at home getting ready for work, preparing dinner or working from home on my computer. They are perfect for my lifestyle because they do not take up any more of the time I don't have and they work. Since listening to them, I have been very calm through many family conflicts and business dealings that would usually cause me to fly off the handle and deprive me of sleep. I gave the subliminal relaxation tape to my sister who has high blood pressure and gets extremely nervous. She plays it in her car on her (90) min. drive to and from work. Guess what??? Her blood pressure has dropped into the normal range. We need to get you on an infomercial so you can share this secret with the rest of the world. People do not realize how much better they could feel. I would recommend getting the subliminal CD instead of the tape because you would get more variety of music to listen to. Thanks again Inessa. . . . . . Linda Luoma, President, 3-D Engineering Corp.

Inessa King Zaleski is a deeply gifted and beautiful woman. When I found her website, I became extremely interested. I was just looking for some information on hypnosis-I had no idea that my life was about to change so drastically! After talking to Inessa on the phone, I decided to order a custom hypnosis tape. She sent me her primer tape first, instructing me to listen to it daily to train my mind to go deeply into hypnosis while she made my custom tape. When I received my custom tape, it was incredible!!!!!! I ordered my custom tape with an authoritarian induction and let me tell you, it lives up to it's name. I never felt that incredible in my life. In a matter of moments I slipped into complete relaxation, seconds later, I was completely hypnotized. Wy mind was open to all of Inessa's positive suggestions-the result-I have never slept deeper or better in my life!! I encourage anyone readinq this to try it for themselves-you won't be disappointed. Thank You Inessa, . . . . . . Steve B ("trouble sleeping"), New Port Richey, FL

In three sessions I went from feeling angry, sad and powerless to feeling peaceful, in-control, calm and relaxed. Inessa offers a powerful product that enables me to have the rich rewarding life that I deserve (in a hurry!). . . . . . Veronica Davis, Freehold, New Jersey, USA

I used the custom tape yesterday and I have never, never relaxed that deeply, probably in the past 20 years. I really felt good after hearing you say wakeup. I used it to also go to sleep and had the deepest and best sleep in years. I slept for 15 hours. You mentioned how your authoritarian style was REALLY authoritarian. I thought this method very natural for me and I responded to this method much better than the permissive method. It suits my personality much better. I don`t like to waste time. I needed a firm approach to my situation and you accomplished it quite well with this tape. This tape forced me to "shut down" for awhile, to once again connect to my body. I`m thinking at this moment of having two tapes made on increasing brain power and performance enhancement. I`ll let you know when. Thanks again!! . . . . . . James Green, Long Branch, New Jersey, USA

I feel so alive, in touch with a part of me that I never knew existed. . . . . . James Carter, Freehold, New Jersey, USA

Thank U Inessa! U are too kind. While I got U for a second, I would like to let U know that your approach to strengthening the body's chakras, I feel, is very powerful and full of limitless possibilities. For those patients who continue to have reoccuring weaknesses or dis-eases due to thier inability to let go of destructive emotional patterns, or thier inability to connect with God, I've been recommending your cd's. I use every tool available to heal, and I firmly believe that doctors can only get thier patients as healthy as they are. Since I've been listening to your cd's before I go to sleep each night, my energy AND my healing abilities have hit unthinkable highs. Healing, as I'm sure U'll agree, I've learned is mostly our "intent". My intentions are so pure now, it's wonderful. Thank U. . . . . . . Dr. Jeff, Indiana, USA

I can feel an energy to take on tasks without guilt or worry. This weekend I worked around the house - something I don't usually do - and enjoyed every moment. I'm already planning my next day at work. I'm doing all my tasks as quickly as I can. Everything is working well. I feel like I accomplished a lot this week. Much more than in the past. I feel satisfied with this week but know I will do even better next week. I will keep listening to the tape 3 to 4 times a day. Even between times the calmness that is on the tape seems to carry into day to day life. This might seem odd but even when I'm not listening to the tape I feel the suggestion guiding me through the day. . . . . . . John, Massachusetts, USA

I started with rather minimal expectations. This was fortunate, for had I really anticipated half the changes (wonderful changes though they may be) that the next few weeks would bring, I never would have started. Hypnosis is a tool, and - like any tool - only as useful as the artisan wielding it. The suggestions woven into each session were not generic (one size fits all) but were tailored to fit my personality and sensibilities. As such, they were very powerful. Unhealthy eating habits that had survived decades of good intentions and firm resolutions began to change. Daily I find myself rejuvenated and energized as Inessa helps me to rediscover my birthright of wholeness and well-being. . . . . . . M.K., New Jersey, USA

I have dabbled with self hypnosis for years and received many benefits from it. I came to Inessa to deal with feelings from my childhood - witnessing abuse to my mother from my father, a dominating and controlling father, guilt of not being able to stop it etc. After two sessions I am now able to deal with my father on my own terms and do not allow him to dominate or control me. I also had a fear of driving over bridges, on our way home from Inessa's I found that I was able to drive over the Delaware Memorial bridge in total comfort with absolutely no stress. I owe a debt of gratitude to Inessa for all her help, I listen to the tape she gave me daily, and am looking forward to continuing to work on others things with her. I am especially interested in working on Past life and future life. . . . . . . R.V., Maryland, USA

Just a note to say that the new tape is excellent. I enjoy very much the time I spend listening to it. It is becoming an integral part of my daily life. What I find good on the new tape is that I have a real feeling of being divorced from my body however I would like to deepen this feeling as well as the feeling of just drifting without identity - this disassociation from body and self I find very relaxing/refreshing. I also have a stronger feeling of wanting to use the tape so I think it is in the direction of what I want to achieve. . . . . . . S.W., London, England

I was able to bring back my memory to the fullest of what happened at the height of the accident. . . . . . . J.S., New Jersey, USA

Great session, I plan on coming back for development of lots more abilities. I feel I can do anything I want. . . . . . . S.A., New Jersey, USA

It has given me the hope of taking control of my life, this is helping me live again. . . . . . . G.S., New Jersey, USA

My marriage got better, my relationship with my children is wonderful and I am much better emotionally. I gained confidence in myself and learned to believe in myself. My self-esteem is elevated, and I am a happier person. . . . . . . L.S., New Jersey, USA

... I listen to the tape often and find it just wonderful. I go deeper into hypnosis each time, and the physical sensations become more pronounced each time. Thank you again for this excellent tape. I am hoping to visit you in your Monmouth offices ... to better understand the mind's power over the body. . . . . . . N.L., Toronto, Canada

... your kind, sympathetic, and non-judgmental approach has and is helping me to see the light at the end of what certainly seems to be a very long tunnel. The manner in which you have guided me toward an understanding of the influences affecting my behavior borders on the unbelievable. Through your guidance, I have been able to face and openly discuss a series of sexual problems, ranging from impotence to female dominance ... . . . . . . T.S., New Jersey, USA

I definitely have changed my eating habits. I sit down, enjoy what I eat, eat smaller portions and I do not take seconds. Most important in my case, I have given myself permission to read without eating at the same time. Finally, I am walking at least 30-45 minutes/day because I now have audio books that I listen to while I walk thus walking is pleasurable and not exercise. . . . . . . B.K., New Jersey, USA

The effortless nature of suggestions does not cease to amaze me. I've spent 40-odd years expecting that change, when it does occur, happens by slow, small increments. To find that whole milk (my beverage of choice) now tastes and feels unpleasant in my mouth is remarkable. To find this after one small suggestion is miraculous. . . . . . . M.K., New Jersey, USA

I have a great sense of peace and wellness, and most of all happiness. I'm happy that I was able to forgive those who hurt me and to let go of my pain. . . . . . . K.T., New Jersey, USA

Inessa changed my life! I'm much happier and healthier now than I was few weeks ago when I started the program. I feel better able to carry on and enjoy my busy life. . . . . . . J.C., New Jersey, USA

I had great reservations about hypnosis, but was willing to try anything to help me lose weight. Losing 17 pounds in 5 weeks without "being on a diet" made me a believer. I feel energetic without feeling any deprivation. I don't know why it works, just that it does! The relaxation technique was an added bonus. . . . . . . L.C., New Jersey, USA

My reasons for [choosing] hypnosis were to feel better with my neck pain, help me sleep better, lose weight and to relieve stress. Before my first session I felt a little nervous but hopeful that it would make me feel better. But now after my very first session I'm AMAZED! I feel better than I did when I first came in. More refreshed. I can't wait to come back for another session! . . . . . . S.K., New Jersey, USA

Just a note to say hello and say "thank you" for everything. I am so lucky to have met you. You have been an asset in my life. May you and your family enjoy wonderful things! I'm taking advantage of listening to the tapes and hope you'll allow me to come back when I'm ready to return. Please keep in touch. . . . . . . C.G., New Jersey, USA

Inessa is the best, and she has patience, understanding, and I owe how I feel today to her (a whole new outlook on life, health & well-being). . . . . . . M.F., New Jersey, USA

I discovered that some things I assumed were in my past in this life can be things/feelings from a past life. I feel a sense of trust in Inessa, I think I can bring some of the harmony and peace from the past life into my life now. . . . . . . C.H., Rome, Italy

Inessa is that life-long friend we have all been searching for. Her techniques and heart-felt concern has allowed me to rediscover and redevelop my own inner strengths..... strengths that enable me to stay positive on the not-so-positive worlds of work, home and play. My strength to stay positive has grown deeper and more consistent with each session. Thank you for your guidance and compassion to help me feel good again. . . . . . . Betty Ann, 49 year-old educator, New Jersey, USA

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