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Relationship Coaching

The dating scene can be quite confusing especially if you don't have the time to figure it out.

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Why do I need to come to you for help?


Any time there is a challenge, it's best to turn to an expert. Why reinvent the wheel? With my credentials I am uniquely qualified to help you find your soulmate. With over 25 years of relationship coaching experience, I most likely already worked with many similar cases to yours and can draw on my vast knowledge to best guide and direct you on your quest. With my no-nonsense, well-tested, direct and honest approach, you often can feel results after only one session. As you actively participate in your own transformation with weekly sessions and a once a month happiness quota, you will notice significant improvements in a short time.


Who is your typical client?


My clients are generally successful single people, often between the ages of 30 - 55 that have a stable career or successful business. They are smart, strong, and perhaps shy, and are interested in establishing a long-term soulmate relationship. They tried and failed in a relationship or never found the right match. They are often extra sensitive and quiet. They feel pain that they did not find their life partner and that they don't know how to go about finding that person. They are often perfectionists that take pride in being able to see all of the steps of their projects in advance and it's frustrating to them that this is a project that they aren't able to visualize the same way. Love and commitment are important to them. They want to be part of a couple. In business, they are ecstatic about new challenges that stretch their technical and academic knowledge. In their personal life, they are excited about seeing an attractive member of the opposite sex and they dream of having one fall in love with them and actually WANT to be with them. At night when they can't sleep, they are worried that no one will ever love them, that they will be alone the rest of their life - that they will die alone with no one to even care about their demise.


Why do your typical clients want or need coaching?


They may struggle with the challenge of understanding how to approach a desirable person or how to develop the communication and subsequently the relationship. For various reasons they may lack the time/skills/expertise to go about meeting their significant other and often can benefit from help defining the attributes of their ideal match. They are tired of being alone. They see other happy couples and they long for someone to hold at night, someone that loves them and wants to be with them. They long for cuddles and hugs and someone to talk to, that shares some of their interests. They want to find a life partner, or at least someone for a long and loving relationship.


Do you work with couples?


Yes, part of the coaching that I provide is actually how to maintain the loving relationship that you've created. I work with new and established couples and can help them figure out what is wrong and how to fix it. Relationship challenges can be daunting, so it's best to seek help as soon as possible. The sooner you get help, the quicker we'll be able to resolve the issues. After years of disagreements, it may be too late to do anything about it because if you don't grow together as a couple, you grow apart!


How can we reach you?


I offer private coaching and guidance sessions face-to-face in my centers and over Skype. The group trainings are done through webinars, seminars and courses.


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Long distance sessions are available by telephone or Skype and in-person session can be scheduled in several convenient locations around the world. 



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