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Through the Looking Glass: NYC Workshop 2016

Through the Looking Glass: NYC Workshop 2016
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Do you want to communicate with your departed loved ones for grief recovery?
Do you want to become your-very-own-psychic?
Want to learn how to “see” the future or find out what’s going on at a distance?

Intuitive healer and international speaker Dr. Inessa is in New York for this special workshop that reveals the methods wise men have used for thousands of years to gain access into the deep unknown!

Dr. Inessa studied under the world-renowned Dr Raymond Moody, the father of NDE (Near Death Experience) and the best selling author of Life After Life.

In this workshop you will receive tools you will use right away to facilitate reunion experiences and grief recovery.
You will also learn how to access your own inner calmness and work through emotions related to a departed loved one. Don’t be left out!

Sign up today!!!!!! 

Plus you will get a FREE gift!


When you come to the workshop: 

Bring mementoes of your departed loved one

Wear comfortable clothing

Come with an open mind

Bring a small mirror or orb for your own scrying

(A small number of them will be available for purchase.)


Contact us for upcoming locations and times!


​This workshop has also recently been presented at the ​Edgar Cayce Center.

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