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Private One-on-One Slimming Down and Loving It! Coaching

Private One-on-One Slimming Down and Loving It! Coaching
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Did you enjoy beginning the process of rebooting your mind and reshaping your body???

Dr Inessa offers you the next step – one-on-one time slots scheduled to your convenience!

Everything in her book and program "Slimming Down and Loving It!" is included. Are you ready to succeed? Are you ready to finally tackle the weight issue that you were dealing with all your life? Follow-through is critically important and can be the most challenging aspect of this journey. But the good news is, in this program you will be guided and encouraged to follow through and succeed!


This method of attaining your desired weight is Enjoyable, Easy, Safe, and Permanent!

Since you have already progressed on your journey of self-realization this is Dr Inessa’s way of encouraging you to keep going.

Ensure your success is long-term, and experience suggestions catered to you!

This effective and incredible program consists of 3 private sessions. Each call is LIVE and an hour and a half long, scheduled based on your choosing!

These private sessions consist of everything you may need to accomplish your goal of weight mastery, including custom designed scripts based on your individual circumstances, and guided ultra deep relaxation with powerful constructive suggestions.

There sessions are designed to empower You to free yourself from all the old programming and to transform your relationship with food forever.

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