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Taking Back Control
Taking Back Control

  During these challenging times... Are you feeling trapped and cooped up at home, maybe feeling isolated and alone? Or are you dealing with restless kids that are forced to stay indoors? Or maybe even sharing small spaces with (not so friendly or positive) family members... You may feel the collective fear and are probably aware of your own fears growing...   So,  now is a good time to take a step back and focus on yourself! To focus on your own coping mechanism and gain more tools that You can start using right away to handle the fears, to calm Your mind and, (very important!!!) to Strengthen Your Immune System! AND to help your loved ones to do the same! Join Dr. Inessa as she guides you to welcome calmness and tranquility and create a peaceful, harmonious experience.  Even with all that is happening, it's possible to create a cocoon of calmness around yourself. Your subconscious mind will be guided to open up and to accept more calmness, more peace, harmony, love and plenty of time for your own pampering.  Fridays at 2pm EDT only June 19th and June 26th at the Calmness Headquarters... in YOUR OWN BEDROOM   Join us for a seminar Taking Back Control, specially designed to guide you to strengthen Your Own immune system and to give you tools you Can Start Using Right Away to manage or even reduce the stress and the fear. (I am sure that you understand the benefits of a calm body and mind on you and on your immune system...) During the call, you will be guided into a deeply relaxed state of body and mind, and positive, constructive suggestions will be given. (You all know me and know my track record, if not, check out the testimonials here: http://calmness.com/go/feedback-reviews) Remember that every hypnosis is self-hypnosis, so you are Totally in Control at all times. You can exit this relaxed state at any moment by simply opening your eyes. And because this self-hypnosis is something that you actually do to yourself, the amount of benefit that you can derive is in direct proportion to your effort and participation.   Of course, it is not a substitute for social distancing, washing our hands and taking the precisions necessary to protect ourself, this is simply a tool that you can use to take back control, reduce internal stress and to help our immune system even more!    So.... 1. Grab your spot here.  2. You will be emailed log in details (if not, text your name to: +1 two zero three, 708  7777) 3. Make sure to Show up for Yourself!