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Tango ConfiDance


Becoming an Amazing Tango Dancer

Want to get access to the secrets behind the tango maestros amazing talents?

Want to experience highly effective, proven techniques to propel your body to Optimal conditioning for Tango dancing?



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Join us for an online class: TangoConfiDance (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tangoconfidance-instantly-improve-your-tango-on-and-off-the-dance-floor-tickets-564745768797)


You will be glad you did!


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Full-Length Workshops

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Where to see Dr. Inessa in person:

Check out the calendar below where you may see Dr. Inessa in person. If you are unable to see Dr. Inessa in person, join us at the online workshop  https://tangoconfidance.eventbrite.com

or contact Dr. Inessa directly at (+1) 203 708 7777 in US and WhatsApp or at +33 (0)7 49 71 81 77 in Europe.





Former Olympian Bruce Jenner used to say: “You have to train your mind like you train your body”. And research does indeed confirm that having a "mental edge" delivers competitive advantages.



The problem is that 90 percent of instructors and dancers spend 100 percent of their time working on the physical and fundamental aspects related to tango. They often neglect and ignore the one area that ultimately separates great tango dancers from those who do not reach their full potential.


In reality, dance is almost entirely mental. Our thoughts influence our actions and our actions influence our thoughts. The Tango ConfiDance mindset workshops address this missing element and the challenges that tango dances are usually struggling with: Relaxation, Alignment, Balance, Flexibility, Connection, Confidence, and more.


In these workshops, you will be introduced to the incredible power of the Tango ConfiDance mindset. And you can start accessing these tools for honing the mental edge of your dance!





Full-Length Workshops:

Here is a partial list of the available workshops for tango dancers.

Some of these are offered at tango weekends internationally (see calendar above).

All of these are available during your private sessions.Contact Dr. Inessa NOW.

Tango Calm, alignment of calmness and relaxation for your tango.

Increase your relaxation, condition your mind for calmness, and tools you can start using right away, that will help you on and off the dance floor.

Tango, The Invitation, feeling more comfortable with the miradas and the cabeceos.

Increasing your confidence to invite the ideal dance partner, the one that you really want to dance with, but did not think you could. By using NLP and mindfulness, this workshop can guides you to release negative associations you may have had with cabeceos and setting you up for the best experience!.

Tango, The Flow, release any stressful associations you may have with tango, and start on the road to being IN the Flow throughout your dance.

This workshop is perfect for people that can be considered introverts, as it can help them open up, relax, connect more and give them tools to live more In the Flow.

Tango, The Connection, deepens the many layers of connections you can experience in tango.

With the atmosphere, the floor, the other couples, your dance partner, the various aspects of the music, and, most importantly… with yourself.

Tango, Ultimate Experience, the dance, the experience, the moment...

Tango tantalizes our senses and beckons us again and again. Many factors are contributing to the pleasure of tango.

Tango, The Grounding, to increase your connection with the floor, for stability, balance, smoothness, and grace...

When you dance tango, do you feel balanced, relaxed and on-axis or do you feel unstable, lacking confidence, and occasionally stumble? …..It may be because you’re not grounded.

*Tango, The Encuentro, At encuentros you enjoy the intimacy of the weekend, the connections and the pleasure of the dance.

This workshop can inspire you to deepen your connections, increase your heart centering, and may multiply your level of enjoyment

Honing the mental edge of your dance.

This highly praised workshop offers tools to minimize negative self-talk and distractions and to increase your confidence on and off the dance floor.

Dance class optimization.

This workshop is designed to inspire easier integration of the dance moves. It can give you the needed tools to incorporate what you are learning at your dance classes. This highly effective workshop can encourage your body to absorb the information much faster and to integrate it naturally and smoothly into your dance.

Dancing as one!

As we delve deeper into the Tango ConfiDance mindset, the results multiply. In this workshop, we will be addressing that perfect abrazo, the deeper connection with your partner and dancing as on, developing an even smoother, more graceful dancing style.


Note: These are not dance classes. You will be sitting during these workshops and are welcome to bring a pillow to help you relax even more. All of these workshops are designed to work independently of others, but, of course, you will receive more benefits by attending more than one.


Please note: The workshops, as the tango dance itself, are always changing and evolving. More workshops may be added.

Check this page often for the opportunities to experience them online or in person.


These workshops are presented by Dr. Inessa.


Inessa Zaleski, DD, CMCH, RM has various diplomas and certifications in the field of mind-body connection, including instructor certifications in hypnotherapy, NLP, and Reiki.

She is passionate about tango, and created high-performance Tango ConfiDance mindset workshops in collaboration with maestros. Dr. Inessa has been utilizing her effective mindset method with tango dancers in groups and in private sessions worldwide since 2016. Her work was published in the best-seller Tango Tips by the Maestros.

Contact Dr. Inessa NOW for more information.

Personalized one-on-one Whatsapp/Skype/phone sessions are available from the privacy of your home.