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Weight Mastery

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Taking Charge of Your Weight

The results of a recent survey examining national health are astounding: Americans weigh much more now than they did 10 years ago. 79 million American adults between the ages of 20 - 59 are obese, as well as 13 million children. Here is another alarming fact: at least two-thirds of dieters will gain the weight back. We all know of the health problems that emerge when people are overweight. I've noticed that especially during the holiday season, weight creeps up faster and easier than at any other time of the year. And with all the parties and gatherings, it's not surprising.


What can you do?


Well, first of all: watch what you eat. Start being more aware of what you put into your mouth. How much fat content does this food have? What is the nutritional value? And how much of it do you consume? By eating more life-giving foods like fruits and vegetables, and less of the heavy foods - like meat and pork - you will be on your way to longer and healthier living.


My second advice is: become more active. Get involved in an exercise program on a regular basis. Look for some activity that you enjoy doing and keep it up no matter what. Walking, for example, is an easy activity that doesn't require special equipment or much expense. If you do choose to walk, don't let rain or snow keep you home. Find an indoor area for walking (malls are good, some malls have walking clubs that you can belong to if you wish to socialize) or you can simply dress appropriately and enjoy the outdoors.


My third suggestion is: limit your food intake at night. I want to share with you an old Russian saying: eat your breakfast by yourself, share your lunch with a friend and give your dinner to your enemy. It's clear that eating a big, heavy meal at night is the worst thing you can do.


I know that it can be challenging to follow these suggestions with all the temptations around, and old habits aren't easily changed. Consider taking an online course to learn how to change the attitudes that lie deep in your subconscious and drive your daily behavior. Once you choose to create more positive and healthy associations within, you can easily and effortlessly bring about any change you desire and come out a winner! The method used is a completely safe, effective, and rapid tool for accomplishing your goals.


Although personal sessions with an expert (who is responding to your individual journey) are the fastest way to achieve your goal, it can still be successful when guided by a recording.


Your life is in your hands! Learn to control your body and change your life! I hope this information is useful to you.