Would you like to learn to become a Master Lover?

Art Of Touch Workshops Are Now Available With Dr. Inessa!
Imagine learning incredible skills while getting live feedback from your intimate partners who are there to support YOU in the evolution of your capacity to give and receive pleasure.

KNOWING HOW TO TOUCH a woman truly is an art form. It requires confidence, presence, intentions, being in tune with her body and knowing various ways to connect with her. And for women, learning how to fully receive and be in your beautiful femininity is something that you so rarely have a chance to experience. This Art of Touch workshop will put you on the road to mastery!

This workshop is for you if you desire to:
• Gain confidence in being with men or women
• Broaden your repertoire of different types of touch
• Learn about sexual energy
• Know how to turn on and be turned-on
• Expand your capacity for orgasmic pleasure for hours
• Open more fully to receiving pleasure

In this hands-on class, men will learn to be present in his touch and in full control of his sexual energy. Exactly what women desire! Women will learn the art of receiving loving touch from a partner and how to fully surrender to her hidden unlimited resource for pleasure!

Men, these are just some of the things you will learn and have the chance to practice:

• Absolute presence with yourself and with a partner
• How to touch so that you give to a woman rather than take
• Energetic transfer and what that means
• Several different types of intentional touch
• How to slow down in your approach and touch
• The difference between the Sheppard and the Wolf (one attracts, one repels)
• How to approach from your heart rather than sex (it’s all about balance)
• How to own your masculinity while still being tender
• How to ask permission/understanding boundaries
• How to leave a woman wanting more

Women, these are just some of the things you will learn and have the chance to practice:

• Absolute presence with yourself and with a partner
• How to relax and enjoy being adored
• Energetic transfer and what that means
• Several different types of intentional touch
• How to totally accept pleasure, without the need to reciprocate
• The difference between the Sheppard and the Wolf (one attracts, one repels)
• How to receive from your heart rather than sex (it’s all about balance)
• How to own your femininity
• How to extend your orgasmic pleasure

Join Dr. Inessa Zaleski and Richard Anton Diaz as they guide you through various principles, techniques, and exercises which you will be able to practice in the workshop with women who are there to receive you and provide loving feedback. In this experiential workshop, you will learn as you do.

NOTE: We always create a very safe and sacred space in our workshops. This is a non-sexual, fully clothed event.

Same sex couples are always welcome at our events! However due to the rotation of gender balance, we ask that you remain together for the duration of the evening.


Yours in Calmness,
Dr. Inessa

Encouraging Community Health


This is a topic that is frequently ignored and something that just about anyone can contribute to…
All it takes is a bit of effort to encourage an atmosphere of learning and exposure to information in your community or region or neighborhood or town.
You don’t have to be an administrator or manager to have sway on your surroundings!


The simplest approach is learning different things yourself and then actively spreading this positive and informed knowledge or message. It could just be a feeling or sentiment, in terms of how someone is worth far more than what they value themselves at.
Or perhaps yours is a message of abundance and how people can reframe their perceptions and opinions just with some calmness, respect, and level-headedness. We create our own reality, and with non-verbal cues (and verbal ones) we can effect other people’s reality for the better, too.
In these (sometimes really creative) ways, we are benefiting our community one person at a time, and improving overall positivity of the region wherein we live.

Sometimes all this approach means is a random and genuine smile to… coworkers or family or significant others, or just literally anyone you come across. I know in some areas it’s weird for people to smile at one another, but even if it isn’t returned know that you added a little light to that person’s world for a moment.

Sometimes all it comes down to is having compassion for people, and actively listening! Having some patience and understanding for those around you. You’d be surprised how much positivity (or the opposite) you can exude. Remember that a few positively-aligned sentences here or there could have a truly profound effect on someone!

In order to get to the point where you feel confident enough to spread this light, you must feel confident in yourself and your own unique propelling onward to your dreams and Utopia. 🙂
Give yourself that credit! You are truly one of a kind. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Yours in Calmness,
Reverend Michelle
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Happy 11/11 ~ A Message Of Hope and Peace

As America Reels (And Wonders)… A Message Of Hope :).
Various messages of fear, disdain, and worse are being spread; But what we really need is love.
Amid worry, angst, division, and uncertainty…
Now is the time to LET THE LIGHT SHINE.

We knew a big shift was coming, well here it is!
Be the light_worker you are! Continue doing what you do, and expand and flourish that light!
Stars shine brightly, correct?
And you know that every single one of us, including you, is made of stardust? Plus, we’re inhaling it daily (particles rain down and combine with the oxygen we breathe).
Be the star you are and SHINE, regardless of who else is shining (or, decidedly, not shining)!


Remember, we create our own reality, and we shape (to some degree) the events around or pertaining to) us.
Now is the time to remain respectful and courteous, and wish exceptional things/outcomes for (and to) all.
Spread love ,
help eradicate negative sentiments, and be a positive beacon. 
Love to the earth , Love to our people , Love to all living things , Love to all.
Harmony abounds , Abundance and prosperity for all!!!
Happiness, contentment, and liberation to every single human being on Earth, and especially in America!


So much love to the UNITED STATES, in this tumultuous time. THANK YOU. 
Now is the time to further tap into Your Heart, let it guide how you view the world and those around you, and continuously encourage the love.
In this way, we are syncing up with all the positive LOVE vibrations, and can overcome tendencies towards the contrary. Perhaps even in a big way, to where we affect and effect the turn of events, in a positive and constructive manner! With enough of us in this mindset, and shedding the veils or other mindsets, we can OVERCOME and SHINE to where upcoming change is closer to utopian, and intense cultural shifts are more smoothly & beautifully brought about. 

Thank you!!!! HAPPY 11/11!!!!!


Yours in Calmness,
Reverend Michelle
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An Introduction to Kindsight

Happy Halloweekend!

This is a wonderful time of year where the weather is spontaneous yet almost perfect, and other holiday preparations are still on a glorious standby.
It’s a wondrous time of partial-costuming and planning creative festivities. It’s also a time to reflect on and appreciate, in many ways, the world around us.

Kindsight, similar to hindsight, is always 20-20. Whenever someone lives their life by looking through kindsight, they’re better able to gauge the realities around them. Plus, they’re automatically better able to perceive nuances and slight variations.
Kindsight literally creates art out of the adage ‘kill it with kindness’ because it’s no longer ‘kill’; it has now become seeing through a kindness filter, and reacting accordingly.
A great approach is practicing kindsight on yourself! You are most deserving of your acceptance, love, and gratitude!


Feel free to be silly, be weird, and be you! And, meanwhile, cultivate your version of being kind. 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy Halloween!


Yours in Calmness,
Reverend Michelle

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Are You A Tech-Addict? I Used To Be…

I was addicted to various forms of technology and social media for years, but then… it dawned on me.

I realized how careless it was expending lots of thought on something digital while forgetting/ignoring many moments of actual daily life !

On Sunday (Oct. 16th) we’ll have a Supermoon! (A super moon is when the moon’s orbit brings it to a point that is closest to Earth & this also coincides with either a new or full moon.) And this month it’s a Full Moon!
According to NASA, when the moon is this close to us “its looming proximity makes the moon appear 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter in the sky than an apogee full moon [when the moon is furthest from Earth in its orbit].”


It’s the perfect time to work on increasing creative energy-use and also for improving your quality of life, from many different angles. One way to do this is to be more engaged in your surroundings, for the better parts of your day.
What do I mean?
Do you check social media everyday when you wake-up, and everyday before you go to sleep?
Do you find yourself logging in daily, more than once a day, to check things that happen across ‘social media’ ?
Do you perhaps find yourself checking it at work many times a day?
Do you sometimes wonder for a while about what somebody will say next, or keep hoping for some form of response or encouragement (validation) from those in your e-network?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I still go online often, and I appreciate all of the wonderful things you can learn and accomplish on the internet. Plus, many of my family and friends are international, so it’s indispensable to me. However, I’m talking about the ingrained habit of always having the internet in your pocket. The dangers of forgetting to enjoy the real world and all its marvelous intricacies…

“Electronic Desert”

This is one of those instances where things are actually opposite from what they seem. The above two words imply something sinister, but in all actuality they are quite delightful and illuminating.


But actually, let’s wander where there’s NO internet connection.
Let’s let the phone die, or leave it in the car, or just put it away somewhere & allow ourselves to explore and enjoy hands-on life…
Let’s expand our minds and allow them to open up even further … adventure in new worlds (even if they’re only just outside our comfort zone/s) … learn new things … and love life more!

Let’s look into each other’s eyes.
Let’s look into peoples’ eyes whenever we’re having a conversation.
And let’s smile, just because we’ve noticed simple pleasures and small miracles of spontaneous timing.

Let’s eat a meal together, rooms away from our phones.
And just be with one another… Tapping into other-worldly realms of interaction and humor, without assistance from the inter-webz.
Let’s observe life and its contents for what they are, and find them intriguing — instead of being an adrenaline junkie, of sorts…
It directly affects your contributions to daily life, since you’re more engaged and positive. You are immediately more connected and harmonious.

It’s truly amazing, what staying & engaging in each moment (or at least many consecutive moments) of life can reveal!
And it makes things happier in the long- and short- runs, because when things in your corner (in real life) get your attention, they tend to flow wayyy more smoothly.

At the very least, incorporate one time daily that you visit an ‘electronic desert’.
Put your internet and phone away and just be. You’ll find the benefits outweigh the initial (uncomfortable) separation.
Thank you!
Happy Supermoon!!!

Yours in Calmness,
Reverend Michelle
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Meditation To Replace Punishment????

Happy Jewish New Year, earlier this week!
I hope yours is full of amazing times, abundance, adventure, prosperity, happiness, and freedom! :)

An interesting time to discuss how punishment has evolved, culminating in the present time.

Sooo… meditation to replace punishment????

Yes, this is now the trend in some lower-grade schools, as I’ve recently learned.
Instead of detention they have meditation and they teach children how to relax and utilize their own inner calmness.

And they’ve noticed tremendous improvement in these kids’ behavior.
Why ?

Well, it boils down to the reasons why people act out. Usually it’s some combination of lack of acknowledgment, acceptance or otherwise positive perceptions from those around them. Perhaps they feel like an outsider, or they feel as though they have to create their own reality (which might be vastly different from the real world, or even what’s possible to attain).

But, the core issue here is an emptiness where there needs to be a whole-ness.
Meditation techniques help people ground themselves and acquire the whole-ness elements they seek. These techniques also help people better react to situations around them, and become a more positive part of their daily interactions. This is because by creating an environment of calmness and tranquility, meditators are able to detach from the daily world that might be a negative leech in some regards, and see the truth more objectively. Meditators connect with their inner intelligence and to their inherent abilities of inter-connectivity with everything in existence.

Consider it sometime? Perhaps try this solution instead of punishments.
Why not bring something that is proven to work into your daily regimen?


Start kids and loved ones on short segments of meditation – 5-10 minutes to start. Segue from negative reinforcement to positive reinforcement! The benefits are endless!

Meditation DOs:
— Make sure it’s in a quiet place where the meditator won’t be interrupted or distracted.

— Take away all electronics except to maybe play some music (but not so as the meditator is in control of it, and worrying about messing with the controls).

— Set some sort of alarm so that the person doesn’t feel the need to check the time.

— Start with deep breathing after getting in a comfy seated position with good back support (the latter is from beginners – many advanced meditators prefer to sit freely with no back-support).

— Relax the body in segments, and clear the mind of anything but breathing.
That’s it!

Thank you for being such a positive influence on our world, present and future!

Have a wondrous day, and week! 🙂

Yours in Calmness,
Reverend Michelle
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On Autumn And Being Awesome

As we transition from summer to fall, it’s important to come to terms with the shift. Closing another summer chapter, and filing all the occurrences together as exactly what they were. Progressing past any lingering expectations, and allowing yourself to be immersed in this new season!


Be okay with things not always coming together as you’d envisioned, because sometimes they’re just going to fall together in another (more?) perfect way.
Now begins this season of near-flawless weather, and the time of some lovely holidays all clustered together. We’re not in the sweltering heat, nor the freezing cold, but we’re now in one of those happy medium seasons that just makes it a joy to step outside.

Life may be ridiculous sometimes with its inevitable rollercoasters, but remember the gifts always outweigh! We wake up every single day as magnets for miracles.
So do some mental, spiritual (and perhaps even) physical fall cleaning! Clear away all the unnecessary remnants of summer and begin a new slate. Surround yourself with wonderful and positive people/things, and further cultivate your love for/of life!


I’m so thankful!
Thank you!

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. 🙂

Yours in Calmness,
Reverend Michelle

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~ These 2 Things Are a Misuse of Your Imagination ~

This is a PSA: Stop misusing your imagination by dwelling on thoughts related to worry and fear!
Now in this time of differing environmental conditions and tumultuous political frameworks, it’s helpful to stay reflective, and remain more open than ever to positive outcomes.

Let’s take just a moment to delve into the details of more befitting perceptions…!


If you’re doing everything that you can to maximize your safety, and the relative ‘best outcome’ series of events occurring every day – then give yourself some credit.
It matters not whether you have many dependents or if you’re your only dependent.
You’re the glue. You’re the lantern. You’re the shining example for your little corner of the world. Thank you for that!

Focus your daydreams on more happy truths. Remember that the universe and daily life are what you make of them….. So make them even more awesome than they already are!

Focus more on (you, others, everyone else, the world) coming into wealth, health, and happiness.

Focus more on spontaneous glimmers; focus on the gifts life gives us every moment if we pause to look; focus on the smiles and kind expressions that even strangers will pass along more often than not. 🙂

Release worries for yourself and those you love and opt instead on more positive outlooks! Visualize your/their safety! Imagine (to the tiniest detail) the freedom and joy and everything working out amazingly! And be thankfully happy, knowing this is already so.


Remember, as often as you possibly can, how it’s literally Mind Over Matter. You create your own reality with every whim, with every reaction, with every momentary decision of your thoughts’ direction.
Use that! Thank you for being the Lightworker that you are!

Please keep paying it forward and experiencing the bountiful beauty of our daily existences! Thanks again.
Have a wonderful rest of your week. 🙂

Yours in Calmness,
Reverend Michelle
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Positive-Speak In A First Person POV

A change in format this week… today I’m publishing something that’s in the first-person.


I am sooo lucky…. it’s pretty ridiculous how it takes something extreme to really let the light shine at the right octave.

A utopian solution is just that: light shining at a perfect angle. As yet, life has still handed me so many beautiful fruits and I realize now I was wrong calling them all citrus.

I have some very amazing people in my life. I’m honored to call them family and friends.
One looks at the world and sees with certain amenities one is in the upper class… It’s just the day to day that sometimes makes it rough.

I feel so much the wiser in the flowing nature of oxymoronic truths.
The only Truth one needs to survive is a genuine trust in self, in gut, in instinct.
That’s probably the hardest and most expensive lesson I’ve ever learned…!

So many convoluted routes and wasteful habits, so much ignorance roaming about …. It’s easy to fall off track and off the wagon.
The real beauty is in finding the route least traversed and rocking out to one’s own jam while promoting dignity and contentment in all aims.

Everything for myself I wish, I also wish for everyone else. The universe is so full of gifts and faerie-esque elements – there is ALL WAYS enough to go around!

I aim to continue to observe with only positivity the oxymorons of life and live continuously smiling, while persevering ramifications and pitfalls and stumblings and all.
I seek to show those I care for true love and to forever be a beacon of Light. I strive to always spread joy and kindness, to enjoy childlike & spontaneous adventure, and to be free and emanate freedom for the good of all! And, of course, to live life abundancing. 🙂


I am incredibly lucky. My life is increasingly auspicious! My heart and my brain and my DNA are all vibing harmoniously with positivity! Thank you for all my gifts! 🙂

Thanks for reading!
Yours in Calmness,
Reverend Michelle
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Successfully Embracing Wellness Paradigm Shifts

Do you ever find yourself a bit overwhelmed by transformative data?
The more advanced and versatile we get, the more I find we juggle the paradigms of looking Down from an aerial perspective and Up from an earth-bound perspective.

After the above observation, you’ll likely find yourself having an “aha!” moment, and subsequently pondering a series of questions…
The dichotomy this creates is kind of vast, because how do you live in the moment, when you’re constantly synthesizing differing perspectives?
And how do you validate or interact with differing points of view?

If we’re constantly trying to analyze a sea of data and pick the right behaviors, where do we even start with sifting through (and making sense of) the countless information available at our fingertips…?

spring mandala

I suggest we go a different direction with approaching the subject.
Take the lesson as being an exposure to the fact that looking at the small picture isn’t good by itself (because we ignore the overlapping elements, and underlying issues) – and painting an aerial view (or larger picture) is important too.
It seems the takeaway from heaps of today’s data is that people are forgetting preventative wellness-care, and succumbing to the sick-care systems that are set in place.

So what can you do?

Incorporate more Big Picture elements!
Use any combination of the following: committing to 15-30 minutes of exercise a day, improving your nutritional habits and hydrating properly, getting on a more set schedule with eating and sleeping habits, being cognizant of various environmental details around you, and just being more observant. Practice as many stress-relief activities as you can.
Expand your empathy sensors and connect more with the individuals around you. Look people straight in the eye and smile for no reason. 🙂

Overcome the need for synthesizing big and small pictures, and become part of the interconnected intelligence that exists since long ago. Be more forgiving of yourself in regards to emotions, and heal in every way you can, at every opportunity. Breathe in deeply, and envision perfect health and abundant positivity in every fiber (or cell) of your being. Find whimsical enjoyment in daily life and further cultivate your attitude of gratitude!
And every once in a while (or more often) write something or color something.

Thank you!

Yours in Calmness,
Reverend Michelle
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