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Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression

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Past Lives, Past Life Regressions, Future Life Progressions and Reincarnation

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Past Life Regression therapy is an effective way to discover the reasons for current fears, recurring dreams and personality tendencies - understanding them, learning from them, and finally letting go forever. Through exploration of your past lives you can easily learn why you are repeatedly entering abusive relationships, why you are born into your particular family, why you have this obsessive behavior and find out what lessons you chose to learn this time around, etc.


After years of hypnosis counseling I discovered that the work is much more effective and the results are longer lasting if the client is regressed and finds out the REAL, DEEP, UNDERLYING reasons for their visit.


Many people resolve many problems by understanding their past lives. For example, take a woman that was extremely overweight. She felt a compulsive desire to eat almost constantly and never felt satisfied. She found out that she died from starvation in a past life and was now subconsciously compensating for it. ... or a woman that has had a strong fear of closed places. She was unable to drive into a car wash, enter a tunnel or elevator.


When regressed to a past life, she found herself buried alive in a coffin. In those days, when you passed out and they couldn't find your pulse, you were considered dead. She called for help and struggled to get out, but with no success - she suffocated to death. After realizing the origin of her fear, she was able to let it go completely. How about a man that had an unexplainable and severe fear of large bodies of water... considering that he had never lived next to one in this life. When he was regressed to a past life, ... he found himself  8 years old and an only witness to his parents drowning. Their little boat filled with water while he was running back and forth helplessly on the beach.



Age Regression is the process of going back to a previous time in your current life, often discovering repressed memories that affect your subconscious actions and reactions. Past Life Regression is Age Regression taken further, back to a previous life... Future Life Progression is a progression into a future life, Age Progression explores a future time in the current life. Reincarnation is a belief that we have lived many times before and that our spiritual development evolves with each lifetime. In some religions reincarnation is part of the belief system, for example: Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Wicca. In Europe, reincarnation is widely accepted. In this country, it has started to gain acceptance only in the past 100 years.


When you are experiencing past life regression (PLR), you are led back to a different time through hypnosis. Your body is relaxed, your mind is aware and awake. Your eyes are closed and you see and feel that you are in a different time and place. You are able to talk and answer questions about your experience. A good subject is anyone with good concentration who is willing to accept and follow suggestions. Although PLR is most effective when guided by an expert who is responding to the subject's individual journey, it often can be successful when guided by a recording. See the FAQ for details on the process employed by the recordings. Progressions and regressions are conducted on a personal basis in my office or during a telephone session.


Reiki and Past Lives
Application of Reiki to past life regressions.
Children's Past Lives
Explore the phenomenon of children's past life memories. Articles, links, forum.
Alive Again...Again...and Again: 43 Actual Past Life Regressions
Information about a collection of transcripts from actual past-life regressions which are used as teaching parables about life and the struggle to survive.

Many Lives, Many Masters, Brian Weiss

The brave story of an internationally-renowned doctor's voyage of discovery as he explores the past lives of a patient and wages war with his notions of reality. This book + open-mindedness = major awareness enhancement. There is a wealth of resources available for our use if only we choose to accept them.  Reviews and info from Amazon


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